Entry #1

I've came a long way

2013-06-08 15:38:07 by PallidCrest

Hi! My name is PallidCrest(Thats what you can call me) and I am a minor director, writer, and animator of several series I'm working on with a couple of people. The main project I'm working on currently is a series called "UnTown". Through my days on the Internet I have only advertised my UnTown project on Deviant art, and Youtube. Nothing else. Now I am going to give Newgrounds a try,. I hope flash works good here. I never started that much yet. I'm sure I will get the hang of this site.

Heres my Youtube if I have trouble posting on here!http://www.youtube.com/user/PallidCrest/vid eos?view=0


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2013-06-09 12:23:20

Good Luck Sir! :)